Chita是什么意思 Chita在线中文翻译

Chita 英 [tʃiˈtɑ:] 美 [tʃɪˈtɑ]

Chita 双语例句

  1. In deciding to travel to Chita, Siberia, I had originally estimated a travel time of three days.
  2. In early 2000, the Russian Irkutsk, Chita state, Ajinsike the establishment of a state investment - Russian De-liang in the Wood Co., Russia's Far East region into a high-quality timber processing to the Asian production base.
  3. Living in the city of Chita, I had an opportunity to visit the forest town of Tinda.
  4. If you visit Manzhouli and Heihe of China or Chita and Bragoveshensk of Russia, you will find it is very busy there and border trade has become a spontaneous need of local people.
  5. Called shan in Ladakhi, irbis in Mongolian, and barfani chita—snow cheetah—in Urdu, the carnivore scientists label Uncia uncia ranges across about a million square miles and portions of 12 nations.
    雪豹在拉达克语被称为shan,蒙古语是irbis,乌尔都语则是barfani chita,食肉动物科学家将横跨约250万平方公里、涵盖了12个国家的地区归为雪豹分布区。
  6. Moreover, warming increased the frequency of second-generation larvae in East Mongolia, East Inner Mongolia and Chita of Russia, further leaving a large number of overwintering cocoons. 9.
  7. Janet Davison Rowley, actress Chita Rivera, and tennis great Billie Jean King, who devoted years to opening opportunities for woman and girls in sports.
  8. In the film has been greatly reduced heat today, I finally determined to look at, there is no lengthy, Chita any sense, a complete visual feast!
  9. Teaching classroom atmosphere arouse the enthusiasm of the students, but if teaching too fast too slowly, and seems to Chita lengthy.

Chita 单语例句

  1. The new service is the third international railway service between Chita and Manzhouli, a city in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Chita [tʃi'tɑ:]