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corner handle

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  1. If you choose a corner handle, you will resize the object along two axes at the same time.
  2. He halted at an ironmonger's shop, which then stood at the corner of the Rue Pierre-Lombard, and a few minutes later Marius saw him emerge from the shop, holding in his hand a huge cold chisel with a white wood handle, which he concealed beneath his great-coat.
  3. The two had a dispute, Chen Yi-resistant handle with a hoe Taketeru wounded Chen to head out again, Chen Taketeru hoe to use their own defense, the two sides of the hoe collided and Yi Chen Hang to fracture of the hoe, one hoe cut into Chen Hang Yue Fei right corner.
  4. To keep the ratio between the sides of the rectangular area constant, move the mouse to one of the 4 green handles at the corner of the area and keep the Shift key pressed while dragging the handle with the mouse.
    为了保持矩形区域两侧边之间的比例不变,鼠标移动至该区域4个角落处的绿色控点,保持 Shift 键按下,同时用鼠标拖动控点。
  5. Main Products: cabinet hinge self-clearance, hinge doors and windows, plastic and iron handle, magnetic, screws, nails, corner code flat iron, spring door stalls, rail, frame, latch...
  6. LOGO not homogeneous printing buckets into the concave surface of the printing shirts bad not bad thrum of steel shear too much space here, easy on the part of shedding foam boxes than the part also did not thin plastic foam box after friction over dirty air bubbles exist, and grinding line with no cut good handle a useful set of plastic packaging adverse thickening Color Box rubber ropes Slippery easily pulled proposes to add barcode deduction will be moved to this corner of the barcode is cut because of incorrect packaging and concealed the UPC is not easy to direct Besides, the proposed increase a puller easy pull-out of the plastic and iron pipe interface loose packaging Smooth no adverse polishes, not Stickies
    LOGO 没印刷齐水桶表面凹进去丝印不良印刷不良部分线头未剪桶盖此处间隙过大,容易脱落上部分泡盒比下部分还薄泡盒没胶摩擦后过脏有气泡存在,且合磨线没削好手柄有用塑料袋套有加厚彩盒包装不良橡胶绳太滑,容易拉出,建议加扣建议将条码移至此条码有一角被切由于包装方式不正确而遮盖了UPC 不容易直接抽出,建议加一拉片容易拔出各塑料和铁管接口松动包装不良光面没有打磨,胶粘不上
  7. Angle handle long, the top two bifurcation, or was palmate, no corner section and there is no separation between the two boundaries.
  8. Net and gross weighing systems, gravimetric or volumetric metering, bypass hopper, dust removal capability, air evacuation, mitred corner sealing, edge sealing, carrying handle attachment and even explosion-proof design in full compliance with ATEX standards are the hallmarks of the extensive configuration spectrum this FFS system has to offer.
  9. Drag onto the page to add a corner resize handle.
  10. To clear a range of cells, drag the fill handle up and to the left. The fill handle is located at the corner of the selection.
  11. The corner " handle " will usually resize the image maintaining the overall height-width ratio.
  12. The dissertation also proposes a corner block list based algorithm SYMM_CBL to handle symmetry constraints in the placement of the biasing part.

corner handle

corner handle


corner: 多指物体的棱角或房间、街道的角落。
angle: 几何学上的用词,指两条直线相交而成的角。也可引申指看问题的方面或角度。

deal with: 既可指处理具体事情,也可指处理或解决具有抽象意义的问题。
cope with: 指成功地处理或对付更为重大,更为严重的问题或事物。
dispose of: 与deal with同义,普通用法。
manage: 指处理日常事务与工作,也可指经营管理。
handle: 从原义“手柄”,转引申为作“处理”解时,其内涵是管理和操纵。