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  1. Assuefaction minorates atrocities (as Tully saith of his darling Stoics) and Hamlet his father showeth the prince no blister of combustion.
  2. For example, if all the members of House Tully were slain but for Lysa, she would probably be seen as the legitimate heir, and thus would still have her base Influence Points.
  3. On July 3, 1790, a group of classical names was officially bestowed by the Land Office in New York City upon twenty-five unsettled town-ships in western New York state: Lysander, Hannibal, Cato, Brutus, Camillus, Cicero, Manlius, Aurelius, Marcellus, Pompey, Romulus, Scipio, Sempronius, Tully, Fabius, Ovid, Milton, Locke, Homer, Solon, Hector, Ulysses, Dryden, Virgil, Cincinnatus.11 Nearly a century and a half of ridicule has not sufficed to remove these names; and it is probably safe to predict that, likethe many pre-Celtic toponyms still in use in France12 and England, they will persist-modified in form, to be sure even when the English tongue itself has become one of the dead languages.
  4. When it comes to blended, iced drinks, Starbucks'24-ounce Frappuccino at $3.60 was 30 percent cheaper than similar drinks at specialty cafes like Tully's Coffee Corp. or Peet's Coffee and Tea Inc., though doughnut shops often sold lattes for less than Starbucks, Glass found.
    关于混合饮料和冰冻饮料,格拉斯发现,在星巴克,24盎司的法布奇诺冰咖啡的售价为3.60美元,比Tully's Coffee和Peet's Coffee and Tea Inc等咖啡专卖店中出售的类似饮料便宜30%,尽管小吃店里出售的拿铁的售价通常比星巴克更便宜。
  5. Nanook of the North at Allice Tully Hall and Steady as She Blows at Ethan Watson's Porn Palace.
  6. A close-up of the wing of an unidentified butterfly found near Tully, Australia, evokes a rich tapestry.
  7. The twentieth century since the 80's, Anxi County, Door County many times held out of game and the series of King Cha Cha affairs, Tully, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao and other places. Since 2000, Anxi and mid-major tea held in the local affairs, to further improve the quality of the tea, but also do our best to further enhance the awareness and reputation.
  8. Edel Tully, precious metals strategist at UBS in London, added: Coin demand is so intense that supply is struggling to match.
  9. Telstra will activate the following new ADSL2+ services; 370 telephone exchanges serving nearly 1.8 million premises will be upgraded within seven working days - within the first 48 hours exchanges will be upgraded serving nearly one million premises in locations such as Alice Springs, Banora Point, Buderim, Deer Park, Kalgoorlie and Karratha, Newtown and Victor Harbor; and within seven working days exchanges will be upgraded serving locations such as Ayr, Aldinga, Mittagong, Lakes Entrance, Sandy Bay and Madjimup; 132 telephone exchanges serving 230, 000 premises will be upgraded within three weeks - serving locations such as Loxton, Tully, Narromine, Camperdown, Howard Springs, Smithton and Yanchep; An additional 405 exchanges serving more than 330, 000 premises will be upgraded within 200 days as Telstra completes additional work - serving locations such as Grovedale, Tumbarumba, Barcaldine, Ceduna, Forrestdale and Cambridge.
    澳洲电信将启动以下新的ADSL2 +服务; 370电话交流服务近180万处所也将升级七个工作日内完成-在头4 8小时内的交流将升级服务,近百万楼宇的地点,例如艾丽斯斯普林斯,b anora点,布德林姆,鹿园,卡尔古利和卡拉沙,镇和维克托港的;七个工作日内交流将升级服务的地点,例如ayr ,奥丁嘎地区的,密特岗,湖泊的入口,沙湾和madjimup ; 132电话交流服务230000处所也将升级在三个星期内-服务地点,例如l oxton的,塔利,narromine,camperdown ,霍华德温泉,smithton和yanchep ;额外的405交流服务超过330000处所也将升级200天的Telstra完成额外的工作-服务的地点,如格罗夫代尔,t umbarumba,b arcaldine,c eduna的,f orrestdale和剑桥。
  10. The tully metallized optical fiber insert pin for metallized coupling package of optoelectronic devices is reported for the first time.
  11. There are big security holes and quite a lot of work needs to be done to fix them, says Jim Tully, analyst at Gartner.
  12. COFCO in July bought a99 percent stake of the Australian sugar company Tully Sugar.
  13. Ms Tully said Chinese investors cut their positions in silver sharply last week as prices tumbled, before returning to the market early this week and driving a short-lived rebound in prices.
  14. There are other large chains, like Seattle's Best Coffee, Caffe Ladro, or Tully's.
  15. Gold destined for China jumped to 12 tonnes last month after averaging about 3 tonnes during the previous four months, said Edel Tully, strategist at UBS.

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  1. Tully said astronomers may eventually find a few cosmic structures in the void, but it would still be nearly empty.
  2. " The Madoff connection is sad, " the Wall Street Journal quoted Tully as saying.
  3. Dempsey won a bankruptcy auction to buy Tully's Coffee, a small coffee chain based in Seattle.

Tully ['tʌli]

塔利(Marcus Tullius Cicero的英语名)
n a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)